Aeromexico, Mexico´s global airline, announced the 10th anniversary of its Shanghai – Mexico City route, with a press conference and also held a luncheon. The event brought together more than 100 representatives hosted by Aeromexico´s Chief Revenue Officer, SVP International Sales, Ambassador of Mexico in China, General Consul of Mexico in China and China Civil Aviation Administration, supported by Mexico and Los Cabos Tourism Board, both committed to stimulate domestic and international tourism development.

    Los Cabos, located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, is home to award winning resorts and culinary offerings, championship golf courses, celebrated spas, world renowned sport fishing tournaments and state of the art convention facilities.航空券予約

    At the press conference, Aeromexico demonstrated its leading advantages in terms of route expansion, service upgrades, and ancillaries´products. The airline shared their great achievements, as well as the strategic development and their innovation practices.

    When interviewed by the media at the press conference, Mr. Anko van der Werff Aeromexico´s Chief Revenue Officer stated: “Shanghai is not only China's commercial and financial center, but also an important trade hub in the world. The Shanghai route has played an important role promoting the economic, cultural and tourism development between the two cities. Aeromexico will continue to improve its product and schedules, to optimize our service, and to further promote the connection between Mexico and China in tourism and trade”.

    Aeromexico officially launched Shanghai in 2008, its second route in Asia, being the first direct flight from China to Latin America. This route shortened procedures, allowing passengers to travel between China, Mexico and Latin America without a US VISA.

    Mr. Anko van der Werff, Aeromexico´s Chief Revenue Officer said: “The great development of Aeromexico over the past 10 years could not be done without the support of governments, partners and friends, for which we will continue a co-development in the to establish a more solid link between both nations”.

    During the luncheon, Mexican singers brought the guests traditional Mexican performances. The special tune in Mexican style let the guests feel the mysteries of Mexico to experience its unique charm. The songs were integrated with the traditional Chinese celebration, drumming, at the opening ceremony, to symbolize a closer connection between Mexico and China.

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