Delta flight from Shanghai to Detroit is forced to abort high-speed

  • A Delta flight was forced to abandon a high-speed takeoff today after another plane appeared at the end of the runway, according to the Chinese aviation authority.

    Detroit-bound flight DL582 was about to take off from Shanghai Pudong Airport at 11:40am when a Japan Airlines plane 'invaded the runway', according to a statement released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). 機票價格查詢

    All 217 passengers and 15 crew members have returned to the terminal safely and no injuries have been reported, according to a Delta spokesperson.Passengers told Xinmin Evening News that the nose of the Airbus A350 had already lifted off the ground when the pilot slammed the brakes.

    Videos and photos shared by witnesses show emergency services putting out a fire after the aircraft's tyres burst.

    Inspections were also completed by the maintenance team, a Delta spokesperson told MailOnline.

    All passengers have been arranged to board an extra flight, DL9924, which is scheduled to depart Shanghai tomorrow at 8am.The CAAC East China Regional Administration is investigating the incident.

    This is not the first time a near-miss incident has occurred in Shanghai.

    On October 11, 2016, flight MU-5643 was about to take off from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport when it encountered another plane in its path along the runway.

    The pilot, named He Chao, chose to accelerate and fly over the other aircraft avoiding a head-on crash by just 19 metres (62 feet).

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