Cheap, direct flights to Tokyo
  • Cheap, direct flights to Tokyo

    Tokyo, the capital of Japan with a mind boggling population of over 12 million, is well known for its bustling atmosphere and neon lights. Despite its number of residents and lack of space, Tokyo is one of the safest and hospitable cities in the world with a very low crime rate and a real sense of community and willingness to welcome and assist visitors.香港到上海機票

    The main airport at Narita has superb connections with cities all over the world and is served by all of the major airlines. Japan boasts the world’s second largest economy as well as being the centre for many well-known multinational companies so Tokyo is an important destination for business travellers as well as tourists.

    If you prefer to travel on direct flights to Tokyo from the UK, there are several airlines which fit the bill including Japan Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Low cost flights can often be found if you fly indirectly with a transit or plane change on the way.

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