FIFA 19's third major patch is here sooner than you might've expected
  • FIFA 19's third major patch is here sooner than you might've expected

    Just a little more than a week after fifa 19 ultimate team coins post-launch patch came to console players, a third patch is now live on PC. Microsoft and Sony will have to approve the patch before it goes live on their Xbox One and PS4 consoles respectively, but based on the past two patches, early next week (12 November or thereabouts) would be a relatively safe guess as to when.

    While the second was the first to actually touch gameplay -- focused mainly on tweaking how goalkeepers responded and reacted to certain situation -- the third seems to go even further.

    Amongst the early highlights, finesse shots seem to be tuned to make them more palatable and ostensibly less overpowered. And in what should be welcome news to virtually all FIFA players, "adjustments to the impact of defensive pressure on a shooting player" seems to suggest that manually defending could finally more closely do what we've long desired.

    We'll need to digest these patch notes along with you guys but we're eager to hear what sounds most promising to you in the comments below. Though not live yet at the time of this publication, it looks like we'll also get another patch deep dive similarly to what we got with the second patch on EA's Pitch Notes shortly as well.visit homepage

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