FIFA 19 Prime Icon SBC Set 2 - Legendary Players, Rewards, Packs You can get in FUT Squad Building C
  • FIFA 19 Prime Icon SBC Set 2 - Legendary Players, Rewards, Packs You can get in FUT Squad Building Challenges

    The Prime Icon set 2 Squad Building Challenges have started and fifa 19 coins recently updated the Prime Icon SBC set 2 players for gamers to exchange, so what rewards or packs can you get and how should you do? In addition, we'll introduce the legendary players and their performance.

    FIFA 19 Prime Icons Set 2 Squad Building Challenges Details and Requirements

    There are 7 Squad Building Challenges you need to complete to get the 5 Prime Icon players and 7 SBC Packs. The duration is from 26 October to 25 November. The following is the requirements of squad and rewards.Makelele, the legend of French full backs. He has worked for Marseille, Celta, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Paris Saint Germain. The most brilliant should be in Real Madrid and Chelsea. He has been a model of the full backs for nearly 20 years. He may not have perfect stats and gorgeous style, but his role and influence on the pitch are beyond doubt. Apart from the weak header, Makelele has almost no shortcomings. Defense is his greatest advantage. His attributes seem to be born for the fullback.

    Frank Lampard, England legendary midfielder. Lampard is the most scored midfielder in the history of the Premier League and keeps Chelsea shooting King's record. What's more, he is very smart with high IQ. Lampard's performance in the game is great, balanced attributes allow him to play in the middle of the field more easily, whether offensive or defensive, he will have good performance. More noteworthy is that Lampard's long-range ability is very high, 94 long shots are tentatively ranked fifth among all players in the game. However, Lampard's advantages and disadvantages are equally prominent, long shooting and passing ability are excellent, the disadvantages are relatively weak speed and dribbling.

    Rio Ferdinand, the legendary center back in England. How strong is Rio Ferdinand? He has broken the transfer fee record continuously for center defenders in the Premier League, should be proved his ability . England always has good center backs, like Adams, Campbell, Ferdinand and Terry are all wonderful players whose name that shine in sports. But Ferdinand has always been an unshakable key player for the English team, he is also a hot center back in the Premier League and FIFA, and one of the most common center backs in all kinds of big and graduating teams. He has a very good defensive character, and fantastic speed that most defenders do not have. He can be said to be a very near perfect center back in FIFA, and even not appear a player can replace him.Want to buy FIFA Coins from

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