FIFA 19 FUT Champions Tips - How to Win More Matches in FUT Champions
  • FIFA 19 FUT Champions Tips - How to Win More Matches in FUT Champions

    In fifa coins mode, the rank is higher, the rewards are better and opponents you meet will more skillful, the match will more wonderful at the same time. So most players want to get more victory and upgrade to a higher rank to get more rewards and compete with the first-class opponent. In this article, we'll talk about the tips on how to win more matches in FUT Champions and improve the ranks. This guide is mainly for the average player who is around gold 3 or gold 2.

    The first tip is going to have some good subs. Which players can be a substitute, such as Sommer, Hummels, Talisca, Lozano, Depay, Kimmich and more. But these are just backups, if anything happens for the defenders and I would actually recommend the defenders, some of them are actually quite overlooked, people don't usually put defenders on the bench, but if you want to kind of hold up a game, put five in the back, it can actually be very useful. I would definitely recommend you to use game plans so when you go onto ultra defensive, you can change it to five at the back and that is very helpful, you still go need to go and manually do the subs and you can also set up all of the custom tactics and player instructions.

    The second tip is to apply Squad Fitness on your card and going to definitely make sure do that after every two matches. If you're going like a pro player, and you want to get possibly 25 wins or even 30 out of 30, like Elite 3, to definitely go for bronze squad Fitness and use those after every single game.

    Thirdly, I'd like to talk about the FIFA 19 kits. As we know, there has been a new kind of feature in FUT Champions from FIFA 18, that it's your kits. You can pick whichever one kit you want to see and the other players also have his own choice, but you can actually get an advantage on this. If you choose like contrasting kits, for example, black and yellow, red and blue this will be helpful for you because the other person might not have it, he might have extra stuff on the kit, just to focus on the game, be less distracting as possible as you can, if you could have a plain white and paint black kit that would be very nice.

    The last tip is to take gaps in between your games, this is also important but overlooked. If you can only play on the weekend, you just want to play games quickly or if you can only play on a Saturday, you just want to play all of your games in one time, but you can still take a break for around 10 minutes between each game, this will be very useful. If you are quite angry or raging a bit, take a big break about 0.5 hours, get your mind of FIFA and when you come back, do a warm-up game firstly before you entering FUT Champions is very important as more fut coins Click Here

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