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  • content of difference of small, quality, science and technology. The development direction of industry of real wood floor can be intensive is changed only, standardization, [url=http://outdoordeckmanufacturer.com/eco/3301.html]ready made wood slat panels[/url] science and technology is changed, dimensions is changed. Not only such, after entering WTO, world-famous brand swarms into home market, most industry will find vivosphere very hard. Does price of lumber of winter of forest zone of our country part

    adjust: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? One's style of work as well as one's moral quality of price of lumber of winter of forest zone of [url=http://outdoordeckmanufacturer.com/eco/6482.html]cheap wooden pool decks[/url] our country part is whole Issue date: 2003-1-9 origin: Last year first half of the year, market of lumber of our country state-owned forest moves a situation to value, conventional capital construction is like pine of Korean pine, Bai Song, fallen

    leaves, scale pine to wait for needle leaf material to plant with material demand sun rises, the price rose on average compared to the same period 50 ~ stere of 120 yuan of / ;[url=http://outdoordeckmanufacturer.com/eco/11199.html]manufacture plastic products that look like wood[/url] Because lumber is machined and the broad Xie Cai such as Yu, linden, oak, birch and northeast china ash is decorated, furniture industry demand is exuberant, resource demands exceeds supply, prices also is strong no less than. But turn into

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