Notices of FIFA 19 Web APP You Need Know
  • Notices of FIFA 19 Web APP You Need Know

    • Can I buy or transfer Fifa points to web app: no

    • Can I buy packs on web app: yes with FUT Coins

    • Can I open loyalty packs on web app: yes

    • I am moving from Xbox to PlayStation for the first time. Will I still have access to the web app? No, you need to have played FIFA 18 before 1st August on the same account that you want to have access to the coins fifa 19 web app.

    • Do PC players have access to web app as well: yes

    • Do I have to have FIFA 19 pre-ordered to get web app access: no, you DO NOT have it pre-ordered. you just need to have played FIFA 18 before August 1st.

    • Why do I need the web app if I can't play games there: you can open your loyalty/starter packs there. sell your players. start doing the SBCs and try to make some profit with trading on the transfer market.

    • Can the FIFA Web App be used on the phone?

    The FIFA Web App is only available on desktop or laptop devices, but the FIFA 19 Companion App is available for Android and iOS devices. Only phones and tablets with either Android 4.4.2 and above or iOS 9.3 and above meet the requirements.

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