Cut-price tickets snapped up for arts festival
  • Cut-price tickets snapped up for arts festival

    A huge line was witnessed at the Shanghai Majestic Theater on Thursday morning as 14,000 cut-price tickets for the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival went on sale.To get more shanghai breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

    According to the festival committee, the most popular programs include New York City Ballet’s “All Balanchine,” Chinese choreographer Yang Liping’s “Rite of Spring,” a concert by Riccardo Chailly and Luceume Festival Orchestra, Orchestra National de France, Shaoxing Baihua Yue Opera Troupe’s “Wang Yangming,” Chinese drama “Treasure the Treasures,” and Cuban National Ballet’s “Don Quixote.”

    Wang Fuqing, in his fifties, was at the front of the line and successfully grabbed tickets for opera “Tosca," concert “Beethoven Symphony No.9” and a Chinese folk song concert by Lei Jia — his total spend was just 320 yuan (US$46). As an long-time fan of the Shanghai International Festival, Wang and his friend started waiting in turns at the Shanghai Majestic Theater from 10am on Wednesday.

    Wang Zongli, a man in his twenties, is a drama fan who took a day off work to secure tickets. “The Tea House” by Sichuan People Art Theater was top of his list.

    The tickets will remain on sale at 19 distribution points throughout the city between October 12 and 16. From October 17 to November 17, they will only be sold at Shanghai Majestic Theater.

    These cut-price tickets cover all programs in the festival, with the lowest priced at just 20 yuan. Customers can purchase two tickets for a single performance, with six tickets in total being the limit. They can pay either with cash or by Alipay, accompanied by an ID card.

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