• FIFA 19

    FIFA players come in all shapes and forms, with fans for every one of the game's many modes. Still, the bulk of the community is divided into two groups: those who mostly play Ultimate Team and those who prefer the Career mode. This is why we were a little disappointed when we realised that career mode hadn't seen any substantial changes this year. The mode itself was already quite good in FIFA 18, and it's still great in cheap fifa coins, but there's room for improvement and that was completely overlooked this year.
    Fortunately, FIFA 19 is not just the career mode, and there are many new features in other areas of the game. The big new addition is the introduction of the UEFA competitions, namely the Champions League, Europa League, and the European Super Cup. After several years of replacing these competitions with fake tournaments, EA Sports has finally managed to steal the license from Konami and was able to take advantage of it by extending the license to a number of game modes.

    From Kick Off to Career mode, from Journey to FIFA Ultimate Team, every mode includes the Champions League in some way, and there is even a new mode based solely on the tournament, allowing players to recreate the whole experience. Both the design and the logos, as well as the iconic Champions theme, are present. Even before the matches, you can see specific animations for the Champions League games, and there are even new English commentaries specific to such games, voiced by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

    Another new feature is Kick Off 2.0. Here you will find a number of new options, including the possibility of simulating Champions League games, several cup finals, and even alternative ways to enjoy FIFA 19. The most talked about mode has been Survival, where the team that scores loses a player, but there are others. One mode only allows goals from outside the area, another only allows you to score when the ball in the air, and there is even the option of playing without rules. Kick Off 2.0 is a fun proposition, especially when you have friends around, but it will hardly keep players' attention in the medium or long term.Read More

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