FIFA 19 career mode tips: climbing the football ranks in The Journey
  • FIFA 19 career mode tips: climbing the football ranks in The Journey

    With the launch of fifa comprar coins comes the final chapter of EA Sports’ acclaimed career and story mode: The Journey. In this year’s chapter — called ‘Champions’ — you’ll follow Hunter’s story towards its exciting conclusion, while also joining up with Kim Hunter and Danny Williams as they work and strive towards climbing the ranks of world football.

    The Journey stands as a genuine contender to FIFA‘s Ultimate Team, and while it doesn’t quite have the lasting power of that mode, it’s well on the way to becoming one of the FIFA brand’s most popular modes.With the story coming to a conclusion this year, it’s exciting to see what’s new and how Hunter’s story will finally come to an end, while also being within the capacity to switch between players and ride their journey alongside them to stardom. In this guide we’ll take you through those changes, as well as offer some tips on how to get the most out of the mode.

    In FIFA 19‘s The Journey: Champions mode, you’ll play as an older and wiser Alex Hunter, an experienced football still hellbent on becoming the world’s greatest and best football star. You’ll also have a more detailed and deeper offering for both Kim and Danny. You met these two in last year’s iteration, but the offering here is far more structured, standing as their own standalone stories.

    There’s no need to complete every story to actually “finish” The Journey: Champions, but in order to get the full experience it is recommend that you find the time to play through all three stories.Click Here

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