FIFA 19 review
  • FIFA 19 review

    The battle for supremacy is back once again, and with every year that comes we’re treated to two of the best football games the industry has to offer. Whether your PES over FIFA or the other way round, there comes a time where one takes over for a few years and your allegiances change. For many FIFA is the only choice, seldom offering PES a chance to sway opinion. With coins fifa, EA has not only taken over but made a game that’s about as perfect as football games come. It’s hard to keep things feeling fresh without recycling old ideas, or claiming there have been “significant changes” when the only thing you notice is a few extra menus and movement tweaks. The thing is, FIFA has improved so many different aspects of their playbook that you’ll enjoy everything it has to offer.

    It’s instantly noticeable how movement has been improved, with first touches and ball control on the break offering so much freedom. Whether you’re trapping the ball to provoke players to try and tackle you, or collecting a long pass on the chest to then fly past a nearby defender; every little move is possible. The Active Touch System allows much more control in any situation, giving you more opportunities to create space and shoot with the space you need. A lot of players have animations synonymous with their real-life counterparts, giving players their own identity, providing an authentic and unique experience with many of the bigger teams.
    Players seem much more intelligent too, and their individual statistics mean much more to how they play. Those who are proficient shooting outside the box like De Bruyne or Coutinho rarely miss, defenders who plays possession well like Joshua Kimmich will be vital to you in the clutch, and midfielders you rely on for speed and superb ball control like Bale clearly showcase their ability. Battles for the ball will normally be won by the strongest, and breaks down the wing are going to be won by the faster players on your side.

    When it comes to shooting in FIFA 19, the brand new Timed Finishing is a game of roulette, but if you get it right your game will improve tenfold. When shooting, a second press of the shoot button shortly after will provide you with an almost unstoppable shot, giving you guaranteed success on the attack. It’s tough to pull off, and not that easy to master, but after an hour or so in training you’ll start to pick it up. The training guide above your head shows a gauge, and when the line goes into the green zone, press the shot button again to make a timed finish. Once you’ve started to master them, you can turn off the guide and start to use them in every match. Believe me, you’ll want to learn.Read More

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