FIFA 19 Review- Incremental Upgrade
  • FIFA 19 Review- Incremental Upgrade

    EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has been making incremental improvements on and off the pitch with each of its successive instalments for several years running, and with cheap fifa coins, it’s done it yet again. But while FIFA games for the last few years have been all about making the game fast and the on-pitch action much quicker in pace and tempo, FIFA 19 consciously makes the decision of slowing things down quite a bit, and focusing on other areas of the on-pitch action where previous instalments haven’t focused quite as much- and it’s that much better for it.

    Not to take anything away from the pure enjoyment of the blistering pace of FIFA 18 or its immediate predecessors, but in having the pace dialled back a bit in this year’s game, FIFA 19 makes for a more thoughtful and methodical experience on the pitch. Most of that is done by de-emphasizing players’ pace stat. While in earlier iterations, bombing down the wings with a pacey winger and simply outrunning the opposition defenders often proved to be the ultimate cure-all, that is no longer the case this time around. Runners still run, and they run quite fast, but can be caught up with by the opposition much more easily now. What this means is that playing through the midfield and building an attack by passing into space and playing clever chips or through balls is much more important than it has been in more fut coins Click Here

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