porous bricks and hollow bricks
  • The size of the hole and the size of the perforated brick are relatively small, and the pores are relatively small and small, the porosity is not less than 15%, the diameter of the hole is small pool deck stair treads asia pacific and the number is large, like the honeycomb coal, and the hollow brick has larger pores, the hollow ratio is higher, and the hole ratio is larger than 35% of sintered hollow bricks, and more size specifications. Difference 2, the scope of use of porous bricks is in the load-bearing part, the use of hollow bricks high quality solid wpc decking is non-load-bearing parts.

    Difference 3: Material difference Porous bricks are P-type and M-type respectively. They are made of clay, fly ash, shale and other materials. They are easy to construct and light, have good thermal insulation effect, small shrinkage deformation and regular appearance. And other characteristics, and the hollow brick is made of clay gangue or fly ash. It is light in weight, high in strength, good in Wooden Exterior French Door insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction.

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