Classic Crown Crates Available In ESO Crown Store On December

  • December is here! It's time to update the new items that will show in Crown Store! Purchase the mountainous abode, festive hats, a very merry mount, and the limited-time return of both the Storm Atronach and Wild Hunt Crown Crates this month!
    Crown Crafting Motif: Stalhrim Frostcaster Style - "The most curious aspect of this Frostcaster clothing was its extensive use of an unfamiliar translucent blue-white material labeled 'Stalhrim', a sort of crystalline metal unlike anything I've ever seen. It was so strange that I laid hands upon it, rubbing and tapping. It was rigid, faceted yet smooth, and gave off a distinct chill," eso gold Doctor Alfidia Lupus said. The Stalhrim Frostcaster Style Crown Crafting Motif will be available for a limited time on all platforms, from December 14 through January 2.
    Pariah's Pinnacle - The grand and majestic mountaintop retreat of Orc cultural hero Baloth Bloodtusk was sealed off in the First Era by King Joile, but its ancient Orcish halls were recently reopened by order of King Kurog. The Pariah's Pinnacle home will be available on all platforms for a limited time from December 7 to January 2.
    Furnishing Pack: Malacath's Chosen - Honor Malacath and his Orc-children with these typically sturdy and durable furnishings from the ancient mountain strongholds of Wrothgar. The Malacath's Chosen Furnishing Pack will be available for a limited time on all platforms, from December 7 through January 2.
    Winter Garland Dapple Gray - This festive horse is sure to spread holiday cheer - with bells on! The proud owner of such a steed can be almost assured that they have the handsomest horse in town. The Winter Garland Dapple Gray will be available for a limited time on all platforms during the New Life Festival, from December 21 through January 2.visit homepage

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