Installing the door frame
  • Put the door frame into the middle of the door, the two sides must be even, use the wood chips to make the gap between the two door frames and the door hole four fixed points, the height of the floor to cheap cladding for walls the door fan is ten millimeters, use it on the plate with the hinge. Vertical door frame, the door frame is fixed. Install the detailed installation method of the door leaf set door, install the hinge on the door leaf, pay special attention to the flatness of the door leaf and the door frame, install the door leaf on the fixed door frame, close the door, can test whether the switch is free, whether the door top board is free Just right.

    The installation line cuts the line into forty-five degrees according to the size of the door frame, and uses the 502 glue to form a ninety-degree hardwood decks angle with the vertical line and the horizontal line, and then nails it on the door frame to cover the nail strip. Install the lock head and put the outer handle cover, cover the position of the door lock hole, take two screw positions, and drill the ten-mm twist drill with two holes. The lock cylinder is loaded into the door leaf from the side and the lock cylinder fixing screw is installed.

    Make sure the painting a porch floor lock cover is installed, and cut the cover by hand and fix it with screws. Install the door suction kit door in detail. One hundred millimeters above the bottom of the door can be easily installed and then fixed. This completes the installation. If the door and window of the set are in contact with the masonry surface, it needs to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and coated with anti-corrosion oil to prevent the contact between the door and window cover and the brick wall from being damp and decay. In addition to protecting your own things, the installation workers must also protect decorative lattice panels moeller og romsdal other products on site. If the installation worker is injured in other products during the installation process, you can claim compensation.

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