Installing the door frame
  • Because it is used in the cooking area, it is easy to hide dirt, and for some products with lower quality, the edge banding is easy to damage, and the visual feeling is not very good. Under 8ft composite anti cracking picket different light, the color difference is obvious, the backlight In the case of crystal steel door panels, the color is relatively dark, and the color of the crystal steel door panel is brighter under bright light conditions. Advantages of crystal steel door foam building blocks temporary walls cabinets Waterproof and fireproofing It is well known that a large amount of ingredients need to be washed in the cooking area, so there is often a splash of water. If the waterproofness of the cabinet door is poor, it will not be long before the deformation and damage will occur.

    The crystal steel door panel of the cabinet is excellent in water resistance, and it will not be affected even if it is soaked in water for a long time. Its heat resistance is tested and can withstand the high temperature of 200 °C. Pressure-resistant and wear-resistant materials are very strong, and even if they are subjected to strong impact, they will not be deformed or damaged. Therefore, if this material is used, it can be more worry-free during use and has a project report on wood plastic composite longer service life.

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