the varieties of waterborne metallic paints
  • Waterborne self-drying metallic paints Waterborne self-drying metallic paints are called single-component self-drying waterborne paints. They are suitable for the decoration of metal surfaces. These paints are mainly made up of preservatives and inorganic binders. A combination of various raw materials such as water-based acrylic resin. What are the varieties of water-based Make A Wood railling For Steps Outside metal lacquers? Water-based baking metal lacquers Water-based baking metal lacquers are generally used on metal surfaces and metal products, with decorative machine protection. It is mainly composed of water-based acrylic resin, water-based amino resin, organic pigments, The co-solvent is prepared by high-speed dispersion and other raw materials.

    What are the advantages of waterborne metallic paint? Waterborne metallic paint adopts the most advanced technology formula and high-tech design scheme. It mainly uses water as a thinner, and has the characteristics of environmental where to rent decking bending protection, health, flame retardant, non-toxic, tasteless, fireproof, etc. cause some damages. The toughness of the water-based metallic paint and its hardness are very strong, with scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, moisture resistance and other properties. Water-based metal lacquer has the function of flame retardant and anti-explosion.

    It does not have the safety hazard of explosion during transportation, storage and use, which ensures the safety of personal property. At the same time, the Application Of Composite Wall Panel paint is not volatile, its solid content is very high and the quality is very stable during storage. The water-based metal paint is very easy to dry at normal temperature, the conjunct film is strong, the adhesion is strong, and the acid resistance of the paint film is its advantage. At the same time, the anti-corrosion effect and anti-corrosion life of the water-based metal paint are compared with the anti-rust paint of the same grade. More than twice as high, greatly reducing construction costs and material costs. Water-based metallic paint also has the advantages of synergistic energy saving and cost reduction, because it is mainly water-based diluent, and the operation is very simple. The utilization rate of the product is 100%, which can greatly composite field fencing improve the work efficiency, and the unit coating cost is extremely low!

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