Bundesliga TOTS Reviews
  • Bundesliga TOTS Reviews

    If there were some undeserved additions to the the La Liga TOTS, then one player in particular from the Bundesliga TOTS takes the biscuit. Aaron's prediction was solid, missing just seven names, some of which he openly admits he should have included with hindsight. So let's review the players we missed and why ... it's Reus, obviously.
    Marco Reus – CAM – Dortmund
    Quite possibly a buy fifa coins record here as Marco Reus makes the Bundesliga TOTS after making just 11 appearances for Dortmund this season. In those 11 games he notched 7 goals, which is obviously a very good return from a midfielder in a small sample of games. But, Dortmund’s end of season form was patchy at best, with them only qualifying for the Champions League on goal difference. So whilst Reus had an impact, Dortmund's season could just as easilly have ended on a sour note. I know its Reus, and I know he's beautiful, but this one is mad.
    Aaron's View: Batshuayi was a punt on my part due to games played. But to even contemplate two Dortmund players getting in to the TOTS with a combined total of 21 games is simply madness. Reus shouldn’t be anywhere near this side.
    Timo Werner – ST – Red Bull Leipzig
    Without a doubt, Germany’s hottest striking prospect of recent times, and at just 22, Timo Werner had another solid season in which he scored 13 league goals to go with his 7 assists. Werner didn’t quite hit the heights of his breakthrough season last year (21 goals), but then neither did Red Bull Leipzig, who only just secured European football. If Werner turns it on in Russia this summer, Europe’s finest will surely be circling.
    Aaron's View: Theres not much I can say here really. I should have predicted Werner. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and this is one of those times. Read More

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