Light steel keel is not good
  • The advantages of light steel keel are lighter: the texture of the light steel keel is lighter. If a 9 mm gypsum board and suspended ceiling are used, it is one quarter of the weight of the plaster ceiling. Excellent fire performance: Therefore, the light steel keel is usually a combination of 2 to 4 layers of gypsum board, so its fire resistance is very good, reaching 1.O ~ 1.6h, so the fire resistance 2 X 4 Plastic Bender Board Supplier Cambridgeof light steel keel is very good. . The construction efficiency is high: because the texture of the light steel keel is relatively light, it can be constructed by the assembly method, and the construction is also relatively fast.

    The general professional construction personnel can complete the partition from 3 meters to 4 meters in one day. The structure is safe and reliable: the light steel keel also has the characteristics of high strength and high steel, so the ceiling made of it is very safe and reliable. Good seismic performance: Light steel keel difference between injection vs extrusion composite decking South Africaand surface layer are generally fixed by means of sliding joints such as nails and screws, so it has good seismic performance.

    For example, in an earthquake, the partition will only support the sliding, will not affect the light keel and the surface layer, and will not be damaged. Improve insulation, sound insulation and indoor utilization: Because the light steel keel partition has a small alternative material for woodfootprint, its insulation performance is more insulated than a brick wall. For example, if you add other insulation materials to the light steel keel, then its insulation effect is like a 37 mm thick brick wall. It is generally used in the partition walls of entertainment places and offices, so that it can not only effectively heat insulation but also improve the utilization rate of the room. Light steel keel defects Light steel keel must be combined with the main keel, covered keel and hanging fasteners during construction, so it needs to occupy at least 10 cm to 15 cm above the height. Moreover, the light steel keelhandrails for outside steps can only be made into straight strips, and other special shapes cannot be made.

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