the characteristics
  • Glazed brick Glazed tiles are rich in color, with colored, white, and colorful puzzles, printed colors, and colored murals. The surface of the glazed tile is very smooth, very clean, waterproof and beautiful. Glazed tiles can be used as floor tiles in living rooms and dining rooms, or as walls for kitchens and bathrooms. Diatom mud diatom mud is a kind of wall wood flooring used around swimming pools decoration material that can breathe. It has a good texture, can adjust indoor humidity, and can purify indoor air. Diatom mud is made of natural materials, so it does not cause any harm to the human body, and it can also absorb harmful gases in the room, so it is favored by consumers.

    The plywood in the veneer veneer is a common material in the basement wall decoration material. It can be divided into three-layer veranda composite wood reviews plate, five-ply plate, etc. according to the number of layers; according to the tree species, it can be divided into teak, eucalyptus, nanmu, ash.

    Interior wall decoration materials Traditional interior wall decoration materials are relatively easy to pollute, and can not be wet scrubbed, mostly used in general buildings. Most of the first-class buildings use flat-light blending paints that are rich in color and are not easily contaminated. However, the wall-decorative materials have a large amount of solvent evaporation, which is harmful to the construction workers. However, with the advancement of science, many non-polluting how to paint composite wood door and harmless interior wall decoration materials are slowly emerging.

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