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  • Longer fire prevention time All Class A fire doors have the common feature of having a long fire time. The fire resistance time of Class A fire doors is usually not less than 1.2 hours, which can effectively evacuate the crowd and reduce losses. Other grades of fire door locks are not available. The thickness of the thicker Class A fire door is usually more than 50mm, the thickness wpc deck vs pvcc is thicker, and the fireproof effect is also better. Filling materials for Class A fire doors are mainly made of perlite, and some also use fireproof materials such as foam door core board, vermiculite fire board, MC composite material. These filler materials have excellent fire protection.

    The quality of the fire door is good. The wooden fire door is an early Fangshuo isolation product. It is mainly used in farm plastic fence posts the safety passages of public places. It is relatively light in weight, decorative effect and economical. Steel fire door Steel fire door is the most widely used fire door. It is not only used frequently in industrial and mining enterprises, but also used frequently in civil buildings. Steel fire door has excellent stability, durability and excellent fireproof and anti-theft performance.

    It is widely used in warehouses, machines, and power distribution rooms. The frame of fireproof glass door fireproof glass door is mainly made of stainless interior wpc deck in uk we trust steel or steel material. The middle is a large area of ​​fireproof glass. It not only has excellent fireproof effect, but also has strong perspective performance. It is widely used in shopping malls, office buildings and hospitals. Stainless steel fire door stainless steel fire door mainly uses 304 stainless steel as the frame material. At the same time, the fireproof board and fire-retardant material are filled inside. The grade is relatively vinyl swimming pool floor high and it is not easy to be corroded. It is mainly used in areas that are susceptible to moisture corrosion.

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