How to lay plastic floor
  • Plexiglass, which can replace plexiglass, can be combined with aluminum-plastic composite panels to meet the needs of merchants. It is made of light box with good light transmission, rich color and long service life. Acrylics include plates, pellets, resins, and composites. The board is divided into an acrylic cast plate and an extruded plate. The cast sheet is exterior grade plastic chemically resistant. The sheet is produced in small quantities, has great flexibility in color and surface texture, and is available in a wide range of special applications.

    The extruded sheet has a low molecular weight and a slightly weak mechanical property. It is a mass-produced automatic product, and the color and specifications are inconvenient to adjust, so the product specifications are limited. The weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance of the board are good, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis does not occur in the sun and rain. It can also be used outdoors. The service building a deck on your mobile home Singapore life can be extended by at least 3 years compared to other materials.

    The light transmittance is over 92%, and the impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass. It is suitable for installation in unsafe areas. It has the advantages of bright color, strong plasticity, high recoverability and easy maintenance. Long-term contact with people does not cause harm to the how is a composite hollow core door constructed human body, but formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are produced when combustion is incomplete. The use of the board can be used for window coverings, lighting hoods, advertising applications for light boxes, signboards, display racks, traffic applications for vehicles, cars and other vehicle doors and windows, civil bath facilities, crafts, brackets, aquariums, lighting for fluorescent lamps, street Lampshade, etc. Precautions Acrylic sheet can not be stored in the same place as organic solvent. When transporting, the surface protective film can't be rubbed. It can't be used in the environment where the temperature exceeds 85 °C. It is not possible to use hard objects or dry rub when cleaning the sheet, otherwise the surface is easy to be For scratches, the thermal expansion composite decking wood grain coefficient of the plate is very large, and the expansion clearance should be considered.

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