What is the board
  • First, you need to measure the size of the room, and then cut the plastic floor according to the size, in order to prepare for the next paving. Secondly, before the paving, the indoor floor should be cleaned, especially closeout sale wood plastic decking the dust and impurities on the ground. The position of the bump should be shovel flat, and the depression can be adjusted with a ratio of 1:2. Fill it into a paste and smooth it with sandpaper. Because only the ground is clean, it will not affect the effect of the paving in the future. In addition, it is necessary to apply glue, which is a crucial process for how to lay a how to make benches composite wood plastic floor.

    Apply glue to the floor according to the size of the floor. Spread one piece and lay it together. However, a width of about 10 cm should be reserved at the seam, in order to facilitate the handling of the seam after the paving. When attaching the plastic floor, pay attention to aligning the edges, and always use the long handle brush to catch up to compact the floor. Then, the residual glue extruded from the seam position should be wiped installing composite decking in ground clean in time to avoid affecting the overall appearance of the ground.

    Then apply a thin layer along the gap with the joint fluid to make it more beautiful. Finally, after the paving, the ground should be inspected to see if it is free of bubbles, flat or not. If air bubbles are found, it is recommended to insert the suction air with a syringe and compact it. Only after everything how can you anchor fence posts on a concrete wall is inspected, the plastic floor is considered to be successful.

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