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  • How to buy three-track sliding window When purchasing a three-track sliding window, be sure to pay attention to its safety performance. The framework of the three-track sliding window on the market is basically made of aluminum alloy. When buying a three-track sliding window, it is necessary to carefully observe the aluminum alloy quality of plastic garden tables Philippine the frame. If you can choose to buy, let the business take a look at its section. In general, most aluminum-magnesium alloy profile frames use primary colors and do not add coatings. Some merchants, however, shoddy and paint the surface of recycled aluminium profiles to deceive consumers.

    Therefore, when buying a three-track sliding window, everyone must show the profile of the product profile so that the quality of the frame can be better understood. When buying a three-track sliding window, be sure to look at the build eco board agent Norway top and bottom two sets of pulleys. The upper pulley of the three-track sliding window plays a guiding role, so it is installed in the track of the upper part. However, some consumers tend to overlook these issues when they purchase. Some of the high quality pulleys will be more complex in structure, with bearings inside them, and aluminum blocks that allow the pulleys to slide smoothly and without noise. Some consumers still buy three-track sash windows, but they feel that the gliding wood polymer composite fencing make windows are slipping and sliding as much as possible.

    This is not the case. Generally, a good three-track sliding window has a certain weight when sliding, and there is no vibration when sliding. When purchasing a three-track sliding window, you can purchase a track with positioning function so that the three-track sliding window can be stabilized when it is closed. Tracks that do not have positioning function will leave gaps on the edge of the frame when the window is closed. When buying a three-track slidingeasy outdoor privacy fence window, try to select the flat shape underneath the track so that it will not filth and is easy to clean.

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