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  • At present, the boards suitable for making tatami include: large core boards, high (middle) density boards, three-layer splints, and the like. Of course, the price of tatami designed by different materials is not the same. Therefore, we choose according to our own preferences and actual economic ability. c, size of course, the size of the tatami design will also be vinyl flooring as wall covering determined by the size of the room. If the space in the room is small, then the tatami should be simple and thin. If it is a large-sized house, there is no need to worry about the size and style.

    What are the advantages of tatami bed? The design of the bed believes that most people like large-sized houses, but due to the limited economic capacity, some people have to consider smaller room types. However, some small 4x8 treated plywood prices market units are not enough to place a reasonable bed, and if a tatami room is designed at this time, it will be a good substitute for the function of the bed.

    Lifting table to achieve a multi-purpose use The current tatami design will include a lift table, so that the room can be instantly converted into the living room, want to chat, drink tea, playing cards and the like are feasible.

    In addition, when laminate wall panels cost relatives and friends are staying at home, they can also be used as guest rooms. All in all, tatami is a good example of the versatility of a room, which meets the needs of most modern families. The strong storage function is much more in front, and the height of tatami is designed according to the storage space. Therefore, tatami also has a strong storage function, not only can design the drawer on the outside, there is also a large area of ​​ Garden Wall fencing Designs India storage space underneath the upturned door of the bed, which can make our room more tidy and clean.

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