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  • The hazards of wood-plastic board, first of all to know that this wood-plastic board is a product made of wood (wood cellulose, cellulose plant) as the basic material processing, and it is a mixed product after it is mixed evenly after the mold equipment Heat extrusion molding a new green decorative material, which has the properties and characteristics of gatehouse vinyl fence installation instructions wood and plastic, it can be said that it is a new composite material. Advantages and disadvantages of wood-plastic panel introduced the loss of the lowest wood plastic In fact, it is also a kind of profile, hollow specifications, use it to save material, thus reducing costs, the most important of its purchase price is not expensive, it can be said that it Wood doors and windows are much more useful.

    The wood-plastic surface does not need to be treated like a wood product and its surface is treated with some paint or water-based paint, but the wood-plastic board doescomposite 4x8 flooring Bahrain not require these, but it can be painted and maintained for a few years. c. The service life of common wood can only reach 3-4 years, but the service life of wood-plastic panel can reach 10-50 years. Physically, this product has the characteristics of anti-slip, wear-resistant, non-cracking, anti-aging, and it can resist high temperature of -75��C and low temperature of -40��C. e, environmental protection can be re-processed Ireland roof estimate UAE wood-plastic board This is ecological wood, Environmental wood, while it is still a kind of regeneration, it does not contain toxic substances.

    It can be sawed, planed, bonded, fixed with nails or screws during processing, and is a more convenient plate to install. The appearance of this kind of sheet gives one the natural texture of wood. At the same time, it can also realize individualized styling. The color of the product is diverse, and it will not produce cracks, warping, deformation, or wood frugality. The disadvantages of WPC are its weaknesses, which are relatively fragile compared to its toughness and impact resistance. Therefore, special care must be taken in the use of the process to avoid heavy object impact, but also to avoid falling color of composite materials for outdoor decks from a high altitude phenomenon. In addition, there are many unscrupulous merchants on the market. They use wood flour and plastics to produce wood-plastics.

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