FIFA 18 Pro Clubs changes, features
  • FIFA 18 Pro Clubs changes, features

    EA Sports have introduced several tweaks and changes to their Pro Clubs mode in buy fifa coins. From kit customization to menu tweaks, here's everything new in Pro Clubs this year:

    Pre-match settings have never been more advanced. Before your match begins, you can now set which players will take your set-pieces instead of leaving it up to the randomness of the computer to select.

    Perhaps the most convenient and smart addition to the mode is the ability to set three different play style presets. Now, instead of changing your attributes, characteristics, and position, you can now create three different styles that you change in the match room. Want to switch your defensive midfielder to attacking? You can now do it with a click of one button instead of changing your pro every time.

    The way your pro's attributes and skills are acquired has been completely overhauled. The "Skill Tree" will now make it a little more difficult to obtain some of the more sought after skills or attributes. Instead of being able to pick any skill trait you want based on the amount of attribute points you have, you now have to unlock the best ones by going through a progression of lesser ones. It's a minor change, but one to take note of when setting up your pro.

    Kit customization was introduced last year, now they have added 12 more colors to choose from when designing your custom kits. Read More

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