Swtor Subscriber Rewards: Shae Vizla & Nico Okarr Coming Apr 3

  • Chaos has broken out during the swtor credits Companion Chaos celebration! From Apr 3, premium players will receive Shae Vizla and Nico Okarr as Swtor subscriber rewards. The companions can be claimed via in-game email, and read more information below with safe Swtor credits.Bioware has announced that Swtor Subscriber Rewards are coming on April 3, 2018. The legendary Mandalorian leader, Shae Vizla and the infamous smuggler, Nico Okarr will join your team of companions if you are premium players.
    These rewards come from Swtor Companion Chaos Celebration from March 20, in which there was a vote on Nico Okarr vs. Shae Vizla and others. The rewards are given out in honor of the alliances Swtor all creates with the companions.

    Detailed information on the rewards delivery

    If the rewards, Swtor Shae Vizla and Nico Okarr are available to you, see the details on when and how you will get them:
    1. These iconic Companions will join your team, if you have a premium status on April 3, 2018 at 12:01AM PT.
    2. All active premium players as of April 3, 2018 at 12:01AM PDT / 8:01AM GMT will receive the companions, Nico Okarr and Shae Vizla on / by April 5, 11:59PM PDT / 7:59AM GMT.
    3. You can claim your new companions beginning April 5, 2018 via in-game email at 9:00AM PT.Buy Now

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