Wisdom of nym: the cancelled future of Final Fantasy XIV
  • Wisdom of nym: the cancelled future of Final Fantasy XIV

    Every game has stuff in it that’s dummied out. There are ideas that the developers brought to a certain point without ever finishing, and that’s fine. But Final ffxiv gil has an entire development line for the game that never went beyond the very early concept stages, a set of planned updates that were unceremoniously canned when the game encountered intensely negative reception for good reason.
    A lot of speculation was flying around when we still had yet to find out the new skills being added to the game with the launch of Heavensward, but there are a lot of points to still be seen within there, and it’s not as if speculation about what comes next has stopped with the expansion release. So let’s take a look at the stuff that was going to be in the game and answer with some certainty the question of whether or not any of it is still relevant.
    First of all, if you’ve never seen any of the datamining surrounding what would have been in 1.0, then you should check it out on the many sites archiving it hither and yon; this is a fine place to start. Some of the potential added skills and the like have been floating around the interwebs from shortly after launch.
    Of course, we can discard any and all story progression right away. Not only have we already seen Titan, the Grand Companies, and most of the would-be Garlean opposition in detail, but we also know full well that few to no parallels exist there. There are points of comparison, but it’s not exactly useful information to see how things might continue on in the future. Whatever the original long-term plans were for the story, they have officially left the building.Click Here

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