Integrated ceiling is good or not
  • Integrated ceiling is a popular interior decoration in recent years. When purchasing integrated ceilings, many consumers like to purchase beautiful products. So what's a good integrated ceiling? When installing an swimming pool rubber decking tiles integrated ceiling, what do we need to pay attention to? Product advantages Integrated ceiling plate with a variety of styles, after the surface of the buckle plate has a high panel strength, durability, temperature resistance , antioxidant properties, good insulation properties.

    Midea's integrated ceiling has six major safety guarantees, and its high power conversion efficiency, its performance is optimized, and it avoids the head cold and dead lights. Second, the installation of integrated ceiling precautions When installing integrated ceiling, the general need to hardwood decking suppliers sussex buckle board, keel, shop materials and other products, we have to check before the installation of a good material for deformation and other issues, the placement of the plate can not be pressure Keep it flat and do not put it in places exposed to high temperatures.

    Before installing the integrated ceiling, we must first check whether there is a problem such as water leakage in the place where it needs to be installed, and whether its circuits and other facilities are unobstructed. According to the on-site measurement of the size, height of the exhaust pipe, hanging wooden decking combined with tiles cabinet, etc., consider the installation height of the ceiling, its edge strip from the ceiling is about 25cm. 3. When we install ceilings for kitchens and kitchens, we must be careful not to drill holes too deep, about 3-4 centimeters is enough because drilling too deep can easily damage the waterproof layer. When installing the ceiling, you must first determine the direction of the lamp or bathroom heater, and then use this to determine the direction of the auxiliary keel. Between the gusset plate and the corners, it is necessary to install the rigorous and seamless, and install the correct installation sequence to install the integrated ceiling. For example, the bathroom must first be installed with a directions how to build a fence with pallets bath fighter, exhaust fan, and then install the ceiling.

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