the standard size of the cloakroom cabinet
  • First, the size of the cloakroom cabinet? The width of the cloakroom cabinet is more than 520mm. The length is about 1,500. This type of wardrobe is available in 2 styles, one is round and best composite material for outdoor deck the other is square. The material used is matte aluminum alloy, beautiful and beautiful appearance, and the surface there is a unique scratch-resistant sleeve.

    Eliminates the friction between the wardrobe and the clothes rail and is durable. 2. The cloakroom waterproof rubber decking cabinet has a depth of more than 520mm and a length of about 950mm. The cabinet's storage space of this brand has a reasonable layout, which facilitates classified placement and access, and space is neat and atmospheric. The material used for the clothes rail is matte aluminum alloy. This material has a very strong bearing capacity, three-dimensional drawer, elegant design of the arched surface, and automatic buffering five noises of the drawer slide. Small hooks are dock replacement decking convenient for hanging keys, accessories, etc., eliminating the need to install hooks and other troubles.

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