Bamboo Plywood StrandIntectural brings
  • Strand Bamboo Plywood that uses strand technology to turn 100% rapidly renewable bamboo into a beautiful yet exceptionally durable green building material. Strand is architectural grade strand under deck waterproofing panels bamboo plywood and can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment. You can glue and fasten it with the same materials used on wood. Strand panels can be worked like a wood product using the same techniques and equipment including hand and shop tools as well as CNC machinery. If you are working the material in a way that you are uncertain with, first test the method to confirm that the method and the material are compatible.

    Fasteners and Adhesives PlybooStrand panels work well with most methods of fastening. This includes, joinery, screws, brad nailing and clamp exterior wall cladding panels uk and glue methods. Please note however that due to bamboos�� greater hardness and less give that screws should be pre-drilled and that hammer and nail should be avoided. All wood glue types are acceptable for use with PlybooStrand.

    Sanding Strand panels can be sanded like a wood product using the same materials and equipment including standard sandpaper, hand sanders and shop or industrial best tongue and groove patio boards sanding equipment. Note however that PlybooStrand is more dense and hard and may have greater porosity than most wood products and for this reason may require additional sanding and filling to achieve desired results. Finishing can be finished using conventional methods and materials that include hand- rubbed, spray, brush, dip applied or industrial roll or flow coating equipment with a UV cure system. All standard finishes ordinarily work well, but you should always check for compatibility, including wood deck producer in usaby testing the finish on a sample piece.

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