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  • implementation of the new tariff, the draft now affects the Hangzhou floor market. According to the person In charge of the company, a flooring company in Hangzhou that specializes in selling Russian wood species received a call from Erenhot yesterday. Starting from last week, raw materials such as imported maple wood and eucalyptus woods began to become popular, and logs per cubic meter Some rise material risers,90 sqm house plans in Qatar some raw material risers The companies involved already raised the price of Russian wood species in

    advance, with an increase of 5-8 yuan per square meter. The person in charge of a floor company in Hangzhou said: ��If we only add one tariff, we can still Digest it internally, but if we continue to increase tariffs, we can only be forced to increase prices.�� After the Indonesian tsunami in late 2004, the prevailing Southeast Asia, wpc leisure desktop design principles The resource of solid wood flooring in South Ame Rican species is suddenly in short supply, and the prices have soared. Affordable Russian wood species entered the domestic market that year, and a

    product system represented by maple, oak (commonly known as oak) and ash was formed. Over the past two years , the prices of maple wood and linden wood flooring have been maintained at 200-250 yuan per square meter, which has been accepted by many decoration houses.extending a floor joist According to statistics from the Zhejiang Province Flooring Association, at present, the floor of the Russian wood Species accounts for about 20% of the entire floor market, while the share of South America, Southeast Asia, and African timber is

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