wood flooring companies
  • Was ��unchanged��. Some manufacturers also quietly lowered the prices of products because of the year-end turnover and the consideration of the financial turmoil. In many building materials supermarkets, including floor brands such as Shengxiang, Jiusheng and Shiyou, there are discounts in Varying degrees. According to sales promotion personnel, there are indeed a small number of products that are expensive. outdoor stair railing uk��But this is because there is the latest technology in it. It is the flooring that has been put into focus with scientific and

    technological content .�� He also said that there has been significant change in the prices of previous products. Also, for the recent argument that wood floors will rise i n price, the relevant person in charge of a number of floor companies has denied it. Yu Xueli, deputy general manager of Shiyou Wood Co., Ltd., told reporters that raw materials have fluctuate recently. 'But there is no price increase,decorative metal wood wall screens So our prices will not rise.' 'We will do something practical to benefit consumers. It may also be able to create good performance in the industry's deserted environment.' Luo Bingzhang, chairman of Shikang Wood Co., Ltd., said That the financial crisis has a relatively large impact on the company. At this time,

    consumers' consumer confidence should be aroused, regardless of price increases. 'We have a reduced inventory, and streamlined overheads and reduced costs.' Jiang Wei,buy diy wood floor singapore president of Suzhou David Wood Co., Ltd., increased employee training investment during the financial turmoil. ��This is to give better feedback to consumers. The price is not Change, service upgrades.�� Jiang Xuelin, chairman of the Zhejiang Nanxun Flooring Associati On, said: 'We do not want to fight price wars, but the price increase is even more

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