promotion of mass
  • People's Daily "- - Is plan of action of promotion of mass of Chinese economy forest products about to carry out: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? [url=]corrosion-resistant outside wood plastic gazebos[/url] Quality of Chinese economy forest products promotes the action to plan to be about to carry out Issue date: 2002-12-25 origin: National forestry bureau will use 2 years to 3 years of time, about the branch with bureau inside and outside

    collective organization is carried out " [url=]synthetic exterior stair railing treads[/url] quality of Chinese economy forest products promotes the action the plan " , forest products of economy of the our country after joining WTO in order to increase is in the competition ability of domestic and international market, the lives to high quality material need that [url=]choicedek composite decking manufacturers[/url] contented people increases increasingly. Specific action plans to include: Clutch the standard system

    that make and perfects production of our country economy forest, lay standardization management foundation; Economic forest of comprehensive executive our country produces [url=]best quality composite deck furniture canada[/url] standardization government, begin region of country of origin to the product is protected and be produced without social effects of pollution; The skill that establishs form a complete set grooms promotion system, rise from quality of technology of

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