UV shadowless
  • UV shadowless adhesive should pay attention to what you use UV glue is a shadowless glue. It will cure when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. What should you watch out for when using it? 1. One of the two objects to be bonded is transparent and the surface is clean, dry and free of grease; 2. Apply UV shadowless glue on one of the surfaces and close the two planes. Use a UV lamp balcony plastic wood floor Vietnam with a suitable wavelength (usually 365nm-400nm) and energy or a high-pressure mercury lamp for lighting. Light from the center to the periphery. , and confirm that the light can really penetrate to the bonding site; 3. It is recommended to remove the remaining glue on the workpiece and re-illuminate it until it is completely cured.

    the curing time should be based on different preparation materials, plastic thickness, UV intensity and different. It is recommended that users purchase an ultraviolet intensity tester and test the light intensity before bonding to reduce simple low cost garden fences the reject rate. 5, the temperature of the glue has a little effect on the activity, when the temperature is low, the curing time should be appropriately extended; 6, do not use force to squeeze and repeatedly rub the material to be bonded, and recommend the use of fixed tools; 7. When plastics are glued, the content of UV absorbers in plastics should be taken into consideration. High levels of content will seriously affect the transmittance of UV light, which will also have a significant impact on the curing efficiency of the glue and even lead to the failure of cheapest plastic dustbin manufacturer the glue to cure.

    It is recommended to use low viscosity products when bonding large areas. When conditions are met, it is advisable to purchase vacuum equipment and stick it in a vacuum environment to remove air bubbles and increase the yield. Attention should be paid when using ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is very important for the curing of the product. It is determined by the light intensity and the irradiation time. For ultraviolet shadowless glue, the seconds are fixed to the initial fixation time, and the exposure time should be 60-120 seconds. The curing is complete; however, long-term irradiation how much are 100" cost of wooden fence is also unnecessary, but will cause the aging of the adhesive layer.

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