evenly distributed
  • When it is used, it is mounted on the glue gun, and then the mixing tube is connected to the glue outlet. The mixing page in the mixing tube is used. The two glue mixing tubes are evenly distributed on lowes fencing prices the sheet (generally after 7 knots, the use is mostly 17 knots, and the mixing effect is quite a few hundred times that of the manual), and the glue is then applied to the part to be bonded. The studio and the use of appliances must be kept clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of glue and bonding effect, especially oil, dust will affect the transparency and adhesion of glue.

    Indoor humidity should not be too large, try to keep ventilation or exhaust fan, the staff walk as far as possible to wear slippers or shoe covers, when the indoor air is too turbid, you can sprinkle a small amount of water droplets on the floor Epoxy workshop as much as possible to maintain room temperature 25 degrees, the temperature can be used on glue The time and dust bin suppliers in dubai the curing time have a great influence.

    In addition, when the air conditioner is turned on, it is necessary to pay attention to the water mist from the air outlet directly spilling on the surface of the adhesive layer and chemical reaction with the B agent component. The phenomenon of white fog, oil pollution, and granularity can be caused by the dispensing table. Smooth, in order to avoid the flow of plastic, rubber, dripping not in place, the situation is not smooth, you can use the balance of the instrument, the balance of the first to adjust alternative boat decking material the temperature of the curing of the product has a greater impact, the temperature increases, the curing time is accelerated, with the temperature is reduced The curing time is prolonged. If the temperature is too high, it cannot be used.

    It will damage the properties of the glue and it will not be restored. The glue must be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature or sunlight exposure. The degree of yellowing is largely due to the fact that the glue is not resistant to the UV rays in the sunlight, or the length of glue that exceeds a certain length of light must be mixed strictly according to the weight ratio. B agent is too much, it will accelerate the curing to make the glue harder, or even not dry; if the B component low cost outdoor flooring porch is too small, the curing rate slows down to make the glue soft, or even not dry.

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