April Fools: Path of Exile Goes Full Battle Royale
  • April Fools: Path of Exile Goes Full Battle Royale

    The battle royale craze is going farther than anyone could have imagined. Let's face it, if someone's watching Drake play a battle royale game on Twitch, then they're probably thinking it's time to pack in whatever it is they're doing. That's the line of thinking over at Grinding Gear Games, where they've done a total about face with buy poe currency and gone all-in on the battle royale idea.

    "Based on community feedback, we are announcing that we have abandoned the Action RPG genre to focus on what players really want," reads the Path of Exile website. "Path of Exile is being replaced by Path of Exile: Royale, a 100-person free-for-all battle royale game. Path of Exile: Royale is live right now. Just run the old Path of Exile game client and it will update to Path of Exile: Royale."
    Addressing other concerns Path of Exile players may have about the acquisition, Grinding Gear Games said that the game won’t become pay-to-win. The Chinese version of the game also won’t be prioritized over other regions, but the devs did point out that they hope to close the gap between when other regions and China get updates with the Chinese releases coming weeks afterwards. It was also said that the Chinese version won’t get features before others do, though the studio added that Tencent may request features in the Chinese version that could end up being a suitable fit for everyone.Click to Buy

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