Is Looting in Path of Exile Fun?

  • I know I’ve thrown a lot of information out there, and it’s true that Path of Exile is very complex. But I have to say, the game’s loot system can be quite enjoyable. The possibility of getting an incredible drop is always there. In other games, you’re probably going to get a certain amount of currency per map clear. In Path of Exile, you can estimate your haul, but you can never be certain, and there’s always the chance that you’re about to find an incredibly valuable Unique item.buypoecurrency

    Let’s talk about Chaos Orbs a bit more–these items play a central role in Path of Exile’s digital economy. Most of the maps I currently run give a reward of about five Chaos Orbs–in other words, the total value of the items I pick up on a run, as well as the Chaos Orbs themselves, is usually equivalent to about five Chaos Orbs.

    But every once in a while I find an Exalted Orb. Exalted Orbs are one of the rarest items in the game, worth around 100 Chaos Orbs right now. Remember, the drops are all luck-based, and getting an Exalted Orb is rare enough that it’s easy to find reports of players logging over 300 hours of gameplay without finding a single one. At the same time, it doesn’t feel unfair or frustrating–every player has the same likelihood of finding an Exalted Orb, and for all you know, there might be one waiting for you in the next map. Every fight could be one that drops the loot you’ve been looking for you.
    Unique items work in a similar fashion. In Path of Exile, you don’t farm looking for Uniques or Exalted Orbs. You farm a map that has consistent returns of either money or experience. When one of these really good items drop, it’s a pleasant surprise. You weren’t expecting or banking on it, and you’ve suddenly got quite a bit richer. This ‘treasure hunting’ mentality is what keeps me coming back to Path of Exile. I’m always hoping I’ll find the next Exalted Orb or snag a Unique drop.see more

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