Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.11 sees the return of the All Saints’ Wake for Halloween

  • It’s that time of year once again, when ffxi gil has its annual Halloween event. The Continental Circus returns for All Saints’ Wake, and this’ll last until Nov.1 . Adventurers will make their way into the woods of Gridania to meet a mysterious traveler from distant lands. As part of this in-game event, players will receive a new outfit for their character as well as a bunch of spooky cosmetic items.

    According to the FFXIV website, players can get rewards such as a dyeable Werewolf Attire set, a themed furniture set, and an All Saints’ Wake poster. A minimum level cap of 15 or above is required to join the event, and it’ll only open up after players have finished the quest It’s Probably Pirates. You’ll have to get a move on though, because the seasonal quests can’t be completed after 3:59pm BST on November 1.

    Patch 4.11 also introduces the Unending Coil of Bahamut, a brutal challenge which will require players to showcase even more expertise than the Extreme and Savage difficulty level battles. This Ultimate will become available in-game from October 24.
    Players will also be gifted two tabletop decorations, a mini-Christmas tree, a poster, and an orchestration roll for their efforts, the likes of which probably includes the adorable Starlight Celebration theme we’ve all grown to love.

    For those of you curious about how the game is faring in 2017, Final Fantasy XIV released its latest expansion Stormblood this past summer, adding more jobs, gear, and changes to the MMO’s battle system. If today’s news serves as any indication, it seems as though the game will continue to be supported well into 2018 and perhaps even beyond.visit homepage

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