bay lumber market
  • Jiuyin 10 " of busy season far go, new before bay lumber market rise in price upsurge drops, lumber price still appeared of little scope answer. It is reported, norms is in A,[url=]wpc load bearing acid and alkaline resistant[/url] length is the radiation soft market of 6m to consult the price is 960 yuan. Southeast Asia material reacts bigger, before last week had stopped to rise trend, market price case is answered roughly firm, last week is the

    strike that begins to drop more. [url=]polonia decking composite[/url] According to earning of survey of net of Chinese timber industry, thailand balata wood points to last week receive board AA degree every stere reduces 50 yuan, every stere reduces AB level 100 yuan. This price is reduced, because,still basically be increase of balata wood supply, inventory increases, suffer effect of environmental protection [url=]Cedar Wood Lumber[/url] agitation

    again, market demand decreases, appeared the phenomenon of supply exceeds demand. It is reported, norms is 1220*18, length is the bakelite of oak of AA class Thailand of [url=]how to make a prop picket fence out of pallets[/url] 2440 to point to receive board the market consults the price is 4700 yuan. Company of plate of He lustre, Henan won't because of " the most severe " shutdown makes stop production! Recently Shandong He lustre, talk about

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