wood keel
  • Construction Essentials Clean Oil Brush Construction Code Polishing the base layer is an important process for painting the varnish. Firstly, dust, dust, and other impurities on the wood surface should be removed. On the oil is also an important process varnish brushing, construction with cotton silk oil coated on the surface of the wood, rubbed by hand back and forth, rubbed oil [url=http://sunriseplast.in/new/589.html]composite timber decking price[/url] into the eyes of the wood. When brushing the oil, the brush should be easy and natural, and the finger should be lightly applied, so as not to move loose or touch the brush.

    When brushing, you must follow the order of multiple times, less time for each time, time for operation, and brushing in accordance with the requirements, in accordance with the order of first up and down, first after [url=http://sunriseplast.in/new/588.html]chinese composite deck material dubai[/url] difficulty, first left and right, first inside and outside, and horizontal brush Vertical operation method construction. Specification for the construction of mixed oils on the surface of the wood For the treatment of the grass roots, in addition to cleaning debris from the ground, local putty must be embedded, and sandpaper should be ground along the wood grain.

    Before painting the surface layer, apply a paint [url=http://sunriseplast.in/new/587.html]6 x 6 treated landscape floor install[/url] sheet (shellac paint) on the bottom of the joint where there is a large amount of color difference and lignanization. Should be painted on the grass-roots dry oil or clearing, brushing dry oil layer to brush evenly across all parts, can not miss the brush. After the base oil dries out, it is full of scrape the first time putty, dry after the sanding with hand-made sandpaper, and then make up high-strength putty, putty to pick the wire [url=http://sunriseplast.in/new/586.html]interlocking timber decking tiles gold coast[/url] does not fall prevail. When painting surface paint, it should be polished with fine sandpaper.

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