How to decorate the wall paint?
  • The fixing method of wood keel and iron nails used in the construction of wooden keel nails will cause the nail grip force to be insufficient due to the small contact surface between the wood wedge [url=]plastic wood landscape timbers[/url] and the iron nails, which can easily cause the looseness of the wooden keel, and when stepping on the floor, There is a noise. Assembled too loose or too tight Wooden floor expansion, shrinkage is changing with the changes in the ambient temperature and humidity.

    Therefore, in the development of wooden floor pavement program, according to the use of the location of the ambient temperature and humidity level to reasonably arrange the tightness of the wood floor assembly.

    If it is too loose, there will be a large gap in the floor contraction. When it is too tight, the floor [url=]metal wall swimming pools for sale[/url] will arch when it expands. Renovation Project Cross Construction When constructing, first lay out the wooden floor and then engage in other construction projects on the floor surface. This is the usual practice of the current decoration team. In this way, after the floor is finished, it often takes a month or more to paint. During this period, there are no isolation measures for water vapor and chemicals on the floor and [url=]tongue and groove plastic products[/url] the surrounding environment, which may cause the wooden floor to deform and crack due to a rapid change in moisture content.

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