pure aluminum
  • The anodized film of pure aluminum has better corrosion resistance than the anodized film of aluminum oxide. This is because the inclusion or formation of the metal compound in the aluminum alloy cannot be oxidized or how to build decking on a floating roof dissolved, so that the oxide film has a continuous or production gap. The corrosion resistance of the oxide film is artificially reduced. Therefore, the anodized film generally must be closed at the present. Board better adsorption capacity. Aluminum and aluminum alloy anodic oxide film is porous structure, has a strong adsorption capacity, so the rows filled with row of pigments, lubricants, resins, etc.

    can further improve the anti-expansion of aluminum, insulation, wear and decorative properties Strong thermal insulation and heat resistance. This is because the cantilever wood knee brace supports thermal conductivity of the anodized aluminum film is much lower than pure aluminum.

    Organic Tuoni and plating have strong adhesion. Good functionality. Using the porosity of the anodic oxide film, functional particles are deposited in the particles. Various functional materials can be obtained. The functional components that are under development include electromagnetic functions, catalytic outdoor decks designs for Plaza functions, and separation functions. In summary, industrial anodized aluminum, the oxide film formed on the surface with good protection, decoration and other characteristics, therefore, is widely used in shipping, electrical, electronics, machinery manufacturing and light industry, and construction Decoration and so on.

    After the film on the aluminum surface is contaminated, the quality of the subsequent coating is affected. Aluminum materials can be self-assembled into new aluminum surfaces if they do not use the above method. With this latest film-forming diy plastic driveway gate products technology, the oxidation resistance is better than that of the previous conventional technologies.

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