conversion treatment
  • After electrical chemical conversion treatment, the difference in the appearance color is more obvious than the oxide film obtained due to different process recipes. Aluminum high purity, slow film outdoor decking over plywood formation; aluminum purity is low, the opposite. Therefore, different materials should be based on different aluminum to master different. To do this, different models of aluminum parts are not allowed to be bundled in the same string, so as to avoid being able to control their respective proper oxidation time.

    Chemical treatment and mechanical treatment, or direct chemical treatment. For heavily oxidized polypropylene mesh fence metal surfaces, the oxide layer is thicker, and aluminum cannot be cleaned and chemically treated with a solvent. It is better to perform mechanical treatment first. Aluminum oxide film also has the following characteristics: high invasiveness. The hardness of the pure aluminum oxide film is higher than that of the aluminum combined oxide film, and its hardness is usually related to the composition of aluminum and the green composite decking boards condition of the electrolyte in the anodizing of industrial aluminum.

    The hardness of the ordinary oxide film is 300Hv, and the hardness of the hard oxide film is 500Hv. The anodized film not only has high hardness, but also has good wear resistance. In particular, the surface layer and more ZL oxide film has the ability to adsorb lubricants, but also further improve the surface Mf wear wpc marketing in spain resistance. High corrosion resistance.

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