Aluminum oxide
  • The results show that the surface morphology of Ni2SiC composite coating is completely different from that of pure Ni coating, and the corrosion resistance is better than that of pure Ni coating. After heat treatment, the corrosion resistance is further improved. Multi-arc ion plating Multi-arc ion plating is performed in a vacuum chamber by gas discharge pallet deck around pool or partial ionization of the evaporated material to deposit the vaporized material or reactant on the substrate while the gas ions or the bombardment of the material to be vaporized.

    Ion plating glow discharge, plasma technology and vacuum evaporation of the three organic combination, not only can significantly improve the quality of the film, but also expanded the scope of application of the film. Its advantages are strong what would lumber cost for a 10 ft by 20 ft deck film adhesion, good diffraction, and extensive film materials. There are many kinds of ion plating, and there are resistance heating, electron beam heating, plasma electron beam heating, high frequency induction heating, etc. in the farther evaporation methods. Multi-arc ion plating using arc discharge, rather than the traditional ion plating glow discharge deposition.

    In short, the rubber outdoor deck covering principle of multi-arc ion plating is to use the cathode target as the evaporation source to evaporate the target material by arc discharge between the target and the anode housing to form a plasma in the space and deposit the substrate. A multi-arc Ti-Cr-N coating was applied on the surface of ZL201 aluminum alloy and a lipid film was prepared on the Ti-Cr-N coating [10]. The results show that Cr in Ti-Cr-N coating exists in solid solution in TiN crystal composite wood deck malaysia without forming a separate CrN phase. The coating can effectively improve the salt spray corrosion resistance of ZL201 aluminum alloy.

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