stere with lumber
  • increase 57 million stere from current 47.17 million stere with lumber demand 2005, increased 91 million stere further 2015, 2001- - 2015 15 years year increase by [url=]superseal warm floor wpc[/url] degrees 4. 5 % are controlled. Below the circumstance that takes no account of other need basically to increase, mixed 2005 gross of demand of our country lumber will be achieved respectively 2010 146 million stere and 182 million

    stere, grow than 2000 25% with 55% . [url=]vinyl teak and holly sole[/url] 2, wood supply ability The state is certain " 95 " during the forest cuts the ability of best the largest supply that limitation already was natural resources of our country forest. Cut by this limitation is calculated, year supply forest cuts gross is 2. 6.7 billion stere. Supply commodity material fall among them 1. 3.5 billion stere, [url=]Inexpensive Plastic Wallboard[/url] manufacturing

    commodity lumber makes an appointment with 80 million stere. Because the country is carried out natural forest protect a project, restrict cut down of natural Lin Cai, [url=]Ecological Wood Sale[/url] the ability of lumber of supply of natural resources of so existing forest will have the fall of certain level. 3, young timber supplies breach to forecast Grow as domestic demand and natural forest those who protect a project

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