Chemical conversion film
  • The black conversion coating was prepared on the surface of cast aluminum alloy by chromium-free chemical method, and the corrosion resistance of the film was evaluated by using drop test. The morphologies of furniture design best for composite the films were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron probe (TEM), respectively. The formation and anti-corrosion mechanism of black films were also proposed.

    Conclusion Cast aluminum corrosion resistance of the surface can be improved by electrochemical methods. Existing research stays on the sample more, less applied research. In practice, the use of a single technology can improve the protective aluminum casting, decorative and functional issues are relatively rare, it is necessary to take into account the existing modification techniques, to carry out systematic research. Comprehensive research on improving the surface corrosion resistance and improving the wear resistance of the cast manufacturing of wood polymer composit aluminum alloy makes more sense.

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