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  • center of wooden trade news Fast test of production of technology of coloring of expensive lumber of raw material thin Mu Fangzhen is successful Issue date: 2002-10-8 [url=]wood plastic composite supplier in dubai[/url] origin: By researcher of research center of paulownia of courtyard of Chinese forest division Chen Yu and doctor chair fast project of technology of rare wood coloring is in copy of Bao Mu laying capable person Zhejiang saves

    Jia Shansheng experiment of [url=]backyard pavilion plans ideas[/url] production of company of Yang Mu estate gains a success. Paulownia, poplar fast unripe lumber is the our country's important tree that use material is planted, resourceful, the price is low, log is in 400-700 yuan / M3. In recent years the development of our country bldg. drove the flying development that adorns profession, and the dominant [url=]profiles for pallets in united states[/url] product that man-made

    board is woodiness adornment material. My compatriots was built 1998 board crop amounts to ten million five hundred and sixty-three thousand three hundred M3, according [url=]composite outdoor tongue and groove flooring[/url] to calculating need 2 billion M2 sticks face material, among them at least 1 billion M2 needs rare wood thin wood to stick a face. The rare wood such as black Walnut, annatto is the advanced adornment material of our country

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